For the new players not familiar with custom rulesets

A game with advanced start and pre-built cities. Finished.
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For the new players not familiar with custom rulesets

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The ruleset SG1 is using is not the multiplayer ruleset. Instead of that it's one based on civ2civ3 but heavily modified for multiplayer.

Most stuff can be found from the game help. However we can list some features worth noticing on this thread.

- triremes can travel on rivers
- tech trading is allowed for SG1
- fundamentalism is modified and now allows the player to yield +1 trade (similar to democracy and republic) from tiles already producing trade
- tribalism is now quite powerful and allows the player to have lots of free units
- despotism has a limit of 20 units for maintaining martial law
- city trading is not possible
- citymindist is 2
- Leonardo's Workship upgrades 2 units but the upgraded units will lose one veteran level
- the game can be won with Bismarch Tower
- Marco Polo increases trade for everyone by 30%
- the player building marco Polo van build the Trade Company giving only that player 10% boost on trade
- the moves for the units are 2x (usually 3x for LT games)
- the 2nd palace works as a government centre similar to the palace
- some units have better vision and mountains also give more vision. Forts give more vision. Fort on a mountain gives the best possible vision since the effect is cumulative

You can check the changes for LT38 since SG1 is based on LT38 ruleset.
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