LT72 has been (re)started - winning conditions and rules

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LT72 has been (re)started - winning conditions and rules

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There was a problem with the previous start. The game has been started again fresh.

Here is what we know about the world for this 2 team game.

3120 tiles forming 32 landmasses on map:
1 80.6% 2515
2 7.4% 231
3 6.4% 200
4 1.2% 38
5 1.1% 34
6 0.6% 19
7 0.4% 13
8 0.3% 10

The first turn is extended 3*23h and the port is 5072.

Here you have the rules and winning conditions.

The ruleset:

This is based on LTT ruleset and it can be found from here.

An additional rule regarding delegations:

Idlers can be replaced by new players. However because of balancing issues, the other team can object and prevent the replacement player from joining the game. In this case the team is however allowed to exceed the delegation limits if the alternative would be having an idling nation.

Winning conditions, several possibilities to win or end the game:

Team victory. The winners need to announce the victory on the forum and preferably also on Discord. If no one alive objects in 5 days the game will end. That's 5*24h. Player with a delegation can object. The winning post should be a reply to this post.

The game can also be ended by for claiming an in-game score based victory. In this case the players are ranked with the in-game score. There are full 5 days (5*24h) to object this and the game admin needs to approve the score based ending of the game. This kind of ending is unusual and the approving is there just to make sure it's not somehow accidental or something like that. Common sense will be used and the game will not be artificially extended by disapproving this. If needed the game admin will /take nations for getting the score. Preferably someone from both teams would publish the scores.

Space race victory will end the game and the players will be ranked with the in-game score. In addition to this the team launching and getting the space ship to the distant planet acquires the space race victory. The team succeeding with the space race victory gets 500 extra points for each player in the team. This simulates a situation where the people left on the old world have a ranking and the players on the new shiny planet are winners of the space race. Please post the scores on the forum or the admin may need to /take nations in order to do that.

The game will end if only one team is alive.

If everyone alive is surrendering or announcing to quit playing the game will be ended. Idling for more than 3 turns equals to that.

If someone doesn't play in T0 the nation of that player may be given or delegated to some other player. If idle more than 3 turns the same may happen. Common sense will be used. Since this is a team game the team can ask for admin to delegate the players even before T0 has ended. This is for making sure that every nation can be played.

Since this is a team game, any team member may be delegated to another team member if someone is idler (not online) for full turn. That means actual turn, not 23 hours. In this case ask for admin to delegate. It's not guaranteed that the admin is there to delegate so please have the delegations set up beforehand.

All players can have a delegation set up for all the time. If someone goes idle, a pre-defined player can take over.

One player should only control one nation + one delegated nation at once. However with the permission of the admin one player can control more nations for a short time. Short time is less than a week. If this is exceeded there must a a really really really good reason for that and the admin will decide if the reason is good enough. It should really be a good one. New players joining the game after start can have 0 + 1 nations delegated while those playing from the start can have 1 + 1.

Since this is an islands game it's not very likely that anyone would be able to RTS or exploit playing more nations in the early turns. So, let's say it's ok for the team members to move for those players who have not moved in the first 23 hours in the first turn. The teams can decide if they should move right after that time or if they move just before T0 ends. The delegation limits can be exceeded in T0 meaning that one player can move more nations than in the later turns.

You can only delegate for players in the same team. All the other delegations will be set by the admin or with the permission of the admin. See the chance to object delegating idlers to new players.

There may be administrative actions if a player plays against his/her team or tries to do similar stuff. In this case the account of this player may be disabled and/or the nation of that player may be given away. It's even possible (while unlikely) to remove a player from a team. Let's play fair game, have fun and this is not necessary.

The game admin will interpret the rules of there is a problem. If there is trouble interpreting the rules we will ask that on the forum/discord/in-game chat.

If there is a game breaking bug the ruleset can be fixed. If it's just an annoyance or like a really powerful but cheap unit, a change is not made. Again, common sense. This is not done without something really serious happening. The game help can be fixed while the game is running but it may not be updated to the actual game since it requires a restart.

The github comments are documenting the changes made to the ruleset and the in-game help is a pretty good one. Just remember that it's possible that there are errors even while we have tried to fix the in-game help texts. You can also ask me and the others here, on irc or on discord about the game.

If there is a real issue of players not playing the game, the admin can allow the players to exceed the delegation limits. This is to keep the game fair.

Good luck and have fun!
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