Victory declaration

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Victory declaration

Post by TriClad »

Team Blue (TriClad, panch93, Zoe, skier, FireMan79, Chill, Ohmcore, prbbrp) together with the independent Axepipe would like to declare victory of LT64. The last victory spot is symbolically given to zrcalo (even though he can't really win since he is not in LT64), for stepping in when the more experienced core of team blue all had to bolt at the same time 😅

A big shout out to the Red team's will power! Particularly white9blue1, paavo, daavko and vic123. You guys made this game challenging and fun up until the very end 🙂 I am looking forward to being on your side in future games 🍻

Honorary mentions to Sketlux and Corbeau, for playing a great game and successfully navigating the whole 'being independent in a team game' situation (and in cobeau's case for taking a half-baked nation and pulling it together).

And a moment to remember Paulos's French people, who sadly we could not save in time. Better luck for the next ones 🤞

If I understand correctly, the game will be officially over in 5 turns (i.e. T134), assuming there are no objections.
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