Declaration of victory

Teamless, Freeciv 2.6, LTT ruleset
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Declaration of victory

Post by ilkkachu »

In order to not have the game go on needlessly if no-one wants it to...

To all nations in this land and their leaders, the Glorious Nations of the Czech, Turkish, Roman, Cornish and Danish hereby declare their alliance, and claim joint victory and overlordship over all other peoples. We thank the friendship of the honourable Polynesian and Sami nations who already have provisionally accepted this declaration. All nations are invited to accept the aforementioned alliance as their new and rightful rulers, and to surrender their arms -- or to make their opposition known and face their destiny by other means.

In other words, I declare allied victory for @Ste, @Kryon, @Chill, @el_perdedor and @ilkkachu on turn 71. Objections are invited; by the game rules, they must be made within five full days (5 * 24 hours) of this post.
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