The winning conditions and the ruleset for LT58

Mixed tem/temless, LTT ruleset
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The winning conditions and the ruleset for LT58

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Here is the ruleset:

This is a 2.6 game.

LT58 is a ranking game and there can be winners.

For the changes look at the LTT (Longturn Traditional) ruleset. The LT58 ruleset is a snapshot of the LTT ruleset. LTT keeps evolving while LT58 is played and LT58 ruleset will remain unchanged.

Winning conditions, several possibilities to win or end the game:

For the mid game rankings:

Any player with access to the embassies from the Atlantic Telegraph Company can rank the players by posting the in-game scores to discord or on the forum. This does not end the game but creates a mid game rankings list. It's for the glory and stuff and only the first time the scores are published counts.

For ending the game:

Allied victory with max 4 winners. The only exception to this is a 3 player team allying with a 2 player team. The 3 player team is allowed to ally with a 2 player team so that in that particular case the number of winners can be 5. The winners need to announce the victory on the forum and if no one alive objects in 5 days the game will end. That's 5*24h. If the player objecting is RIP before the 5 days period is over, objecting doesn't count. This is the old school LT victory.

The game can also be ended by announcing an in-game score based victory. In this case the players are ranked with the in-game score. This can happen once the Atlantic Telegraph wonder is built and the players can see the scores. The scores need to be posted on the forum or on discord. Or delivered to the game admin with email, discord or other suitable way. There is full 5 days (5*24h) to object this and the game admin needs to approve this. This kind of ending is unusual and the approving is there just to make sure it's not somehow accidental or something like that. Common sense will be used and the game will not be artificially extended by disapproving this.

Space race victory will end the game and the players will be ranked with the in-game score. Please post the scores on the forum. There may be need for someone to /take one of the players for extracting the scores.

If everyone alive is surrendering or announcing to quit playing the game will be ended. Idling for more than 3 turns equals to that.

If someone doesn't play in T0 the nation of that player may be given away. If idle more than 3 turns the same may happen. Common sense will be used.

The game admin may remove idlers once they have idled for 3 turns in the start or a week after that. This can be made by delegating the players to someone who is not playing and is willing to disband all the units. Also if possible, someone not playing may make some of the moves for the idlers. The alternative is to use server command for removing the nation.

If someone becomes idle this player can be admin delegated to the allies. There should be some proof about this and 3rd party assigned for the task (who is not playing) may confirm it to the admin. If a well known player goes idle, it will take more than asking before the admin will delegate to someone who the idle player has been fighting with. Yes, I know this is tricky. Let's use common sense.

The game admins will interpret the rules of there is a problem. If there is trouble interpreting the rules we will ask that on the forum or on discord.

Killing every other nation is not needed but of course allowed.

You can't stay online 24/7. If you have been online for more than 6 hours on the same turn, any player can ask the admin to kick that player out for a short time. This kick time is the default 30 minutes. For this send logs to the admin (wieder), preferably on discord (longturn's discord, check the main page) or irc (#longturn, freenode). There will be no warning and only the admin needs to know who asked for kicking. Kicking will not be done one hour before or after the turn change.

You can play for someone else but control only 2 nations in one turn. You can control a 3rd nation for less than 4 turns if there is a really good reason for that. If the player you are moving for is not coming back the delegated nation may be given away to a new player after 10 days. Delegations for more than 30 days are not allowed and if there are no takers, prepare to leave that nation idle. Do not login the game the same turn even while stuff may happen and it's understandable that a returning player may not know when the tc was or if the move was already made. We want to avoid people making the tc moves for you if you can play for the rest of the turn.

If there is a game breaking bug the ruleset can be fixed and the game can resume (save, fix, load) with the fix applied. If it's just an annoyance or like a really powerful but cheap unit, a change is not made. Again, common sense. This is not done without something really serious happening. The game help can be fixed while the game is running but it may not be updated to the actual game since it requires a restart. This game is the first one with the LTT ruleset for 2.6 meaning it's more likely that there are game breaking bugs.

Examples: no changes: unit cost is 10x, unit cost is 0.5x, can't build building x, can't move unit x on a ship y, unit x is too powerful like 5x too much. unit x can't be build by nation y. SDI is not working as intended, wonder is not obsoleted as supposed. A new feature is stupid.

Examples: yes for a change: tech tree can't be advanced in a reasonable manner (tech x is not possible, tech y is 20x too expensive), space race victory is not possible, some unit or building is crashing the game, building critical units like settlers is not possible. caravans can build trade routes unbalancing the game. The fix may not be applied instantly and it may take few turns before it's done. Probably a random time is involved.

The in-game help is a pretty good one and 99% accurate. You can also ask me and the others here, on irc or on discord about the game.

Sinde this is a mixed team game there is a slight possibility that something goes wrong with the teams. That's why it's possible to actually split the teams by editing if the team players fight each other or act against each other. This should not be done lightly.

Possible issues with the rules will be discussed and common sense is applied. If that is needed, please suggest a fix to the rules for the next game.

Good luck with LT58 and have fun!
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