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Temporary glitches and how to go around them

Posted: Tue Oct 15, 2019 11:54 am
by Corbeau
At this moment the browser client is roughly 24 hours old so there are some starting glitches. The game is perfectly playable, though. This is how to go past the glitches until they are repaired.

When you fist follow the link, the browser will start to compile and try to connect. At that moment, you may get the message "Only pre-registered users are allowed to join". This is a glitch. Simply reload the page (F5) and the client should connect with the game and let you in. There may be one or two a-few-second pauses. Hands off the controls, it should get there!

When changing production, the client disconnects (but keeps running). Simply reconnect ("Connect to network game"), the production change is recorded and you can continue playing.

If you find more obstacles, please report them.