Game settings, ruleset and winning conditions

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Game settings, ruleset and winning conditions

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The game:


Ruleset for this game is core Multiplayer with some "quick fixes" to make it more Longturn-friendly, that is, to speed things up in the beginning and PERHAPS to reduce the hectic pace that costs people's lives in the end.

Main differences from the Multiplayer ruleset:
- Settler costs 30 shields
- no tech diplomatic exchange; however, stealing is possible with a roughly 10% chance of success and techleak is on
- restrictinfra is on which means slower invasions: moving on (rail)roads and rivers on enemy territory does not give movement bonus
- Marco Polo gives embassies with all players; discovery of Radio does the same


Victory and ranking is based on final in-game score the moment the game ends. Alliance or not, the only thing counted is your individual score.

Game ending procedure starts with any player "declaring endgame". This needs to be done in the in-game chat.

Other players may object. The player with the best score can NOT object. If three or more players object, "endgame" is cancelled automatically and the game continues normally.

Objection needs to be voiced in the in-game chat four days (92 hours) after the endgame declaration.

If only 1 or 2 players object, they have ten days after their objection to improve their ranking place (if 2 players were objecting, not with each other). This means that, if you were 5th best player at the time of objecting, you have 10 days to make it to the 4th place. Dropping to the 6th place doesn't count.

This means that the game can last up to 14 days after the endgame declaration.

Game ends if:
- there were no objections
- there were 1 or 2 objections, but the objectors failed to improve their rank 10 days after their objection

Once the deadline is out, the admin will change the ending turn to the one after the one that is currently played so the next turn change will be the final. This is when scoring happens.
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