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Possible violation of the rules

I must ask for removing player Miao form LT49 game - he acts against the rules in my opinion; nuking our cities and troops (maybe he can claim that he is doing a good job cleaning partisans, but this is not common sense) - these actions sabotage my efforts, lower the score and break down my game.
I put this post because there are experienced LT players here: I play these game because of the rules and commom sense of them; if I wrong, I must know


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Re: Possible violation of the rules

Starting from this turn mmm2 is playing in the team white meaning that his nation is no longer part of your team.

This was done as the game specific rules allow this to be done. A player can be removed from the team if he/she is playing against the team. This took lots of time and may not be done again (even this fast) in the fuure games smile


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Re: Possible violation of the rules

Thanks wieder for moving mmm2 out of our team.
mmm2 - it's a shame it took something this drastic for you to realise your moves were upsetting the rest of the team.
In a team game nuking your team mates is obviously not a good idea.

mmm was removed from our team for nuking our cities
wieder set the relationship  to peace
wieder also took away our vision of mmm's units but left him vision of our units

To go to war with mmm I had to break a treaty - in democracy this caused anarchy.
He will have vision of all my units, even inside my cities, until everyone on my team cancels shared vision.

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