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LT45 code patches

I'll write a summary of this in *English* once we know for sure what is included and what's not. For now it's for tech people so that people know what stuff is planned to be added.

This is already on LT44:

Changes diplomat chance of stealing tech to use new diplchance_steal game setting:
https://github.com/longturn/freeciv-S2_ … e168648963

This is already on LT44:
Don't get techs when conquering cities
https://github.com/longturn/freeciv-S2_ … f48a6d7868

This is new one for LT45:
Commenting out a line from diplomats.c for preventing stealing techs when inciting a city:


bool diplomat_incite(struct player *pplayer, struct unit *pdiplomat,
                     struct city *pcity, const struct action *paction)

  /* You get a technology advance, too! */
  steal_a_tech(pplayer, cplayer, A_UNSET);

This is also new to LT45. This is observation patch so that players in the same tam can observe. Probably best if akfaew evaluates this and checks how risky it's to add it to a game that only has few days for testing smile

https://github.com/zekoz/freeciv/commit … 1cf8d7302f

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