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Re: Poll: re-wonder

Oracle's (as a small wonder) cost of 100 is probably way too small - and possibly Workshop's and Bach's as well, but if this poll passes, we could make a new one to increase their costs. Oracle could easily cost 200 and it would still be very good (it won't obselete if you decide to skip theology) if there were no Hanging Gardens or Michelangelo's available. Workshop as a small wonder might be better balanced at 400-500 instead of 300, and since Bach's never obseletes, it  is probably still worth building after factories, so increasing its cost to 400-600 would make the choice of how quickly to try to build it less obvious.

Note: these things have nothing to do with this poll, except IF it passes, there could be a new poll for changing oracle to 200, Bach's to 600 and workshop to 500, for example.

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