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New techs for LT46

More to follow. Here you have. The names of the techs could snd probably should be changed. Those are now working names. We could also add and/or change the help text. You should now get the idea what the techs are about and how they fit into history.


Requires polytheism, writing and currency. Fundamentalism is needed for theology. Fundamentalism makes possible funda as the government.
New stuff: the possibility of choosing fundamentalism as the government
Help: "Together with writing and the rise of many Gods and God like creatures the concept of fundamentalism is born. People can take one belief and become obsessed with it. This combined with preaching merchants allows a greater level of trade. "

Cultural Unification

Requires philosophy and monotheism. Cultural Unification is needed for Democracy.
New stuff: You can build crusaders. Also if the Marco Polo is split into several (2-3) different wonders, one of those might become available here
Help: "With some beliefs becoming more common and this development serving the rulers and the upper class, the culture starts becoming more unified. Instead of every region having a more unique culture, trade and the people travelling from place to place begin to make the people aware of the ways of more distant places."


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