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LT39 Has Ended


LT39 has ended! The victors are (in order of score) arkan, cgalik, Sketlux, Lord_P. All other nations are RIP.
Edit: Butters was allied with Lord_P a while ago, but went idle for so we killed him. He was RIP as well on T109.

It was a good game, and I'll write up a full summary soon.

Much thanks to our enemies for playing hard all the way to the end! Last living alliance was: sigur, chill, Mooreinstore, ptizoom, Kocurek, and Orisson. They were finally RIP on T108.

Appreciation to wieder and akfaew for running the game selflessly.


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Re: LT39 Has Ended

Congrats to the winners!

Will be interesting to read the summary! big_smile

Also thanks for everyone playing in LT39!


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Re: LT39 Has Ended

yes this was a very nice game....I got on with kocurek straight away, and try up other neighbours.
I fancied to beat the system using tribalism+chariots....but did not dare running through the idlers... and could not keep up with experienced gamers growth: the one who wants to win must steal cities and or merge settlers at start?
shame wwqt shot everything moving...as could have made a great warring alliance (+ptizoom+kocurek)
sketlux woz cool and mean like mincing civilisation machine, and shown remarkable dare when managed to conquer my humble tirbe in not less than 3 turns, just landing from the sea. darn ... I should have had muskets instead of one shaggy warrior on the coasts.
but really...cannons made the difference again, and I think arkan rightly made us fill the pain of powder.
-I am for keeping sciencebox to 150% or more... this gives T time to work out strategies with units not getting obsolete before reaching their targets!
-then the x3 is slightly too much, it makes the sea one square!, but I suspect nothing can be easily done to change that.
-some civilisation should become very much more unrest when so much bigger...to give a chance to smaller one in the game?
I see sigur, chill  vs all the others... as an example,  one had plenty of peaceful space and time to grow, the others waged conquest and won.
may be this a benchmark to check what could be done to reduce this gap between peace and war. trade should be reintroduced (but with a less extravagant bonuses).

see ya.


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Re: LT39 Has Ended

Congrats to winners! I will update the rankings.

I will get the player list from the confirmed players on http://longturn.org/game/LT39/

I understand that Alex went idle at T3 and ptizoom took over. As a policy, I count the idler as loser if nation lost and replacement as winner if nation won. So, I count Alex as loser and Ptizoom keeps his score as is.


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