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The winning conditions for LT39

Old school victory. Allied victory. Max 30% of the players starting the game can win with the allied victory. The number of players is rounded up. With 10 players the number of winners would be 3. With 11 players it would be 4. With 18 players there can be 6 winners wit the allied victory.

The number  of the players is counted from players starting the game at T0. Any added players (new AI players, player replacements, etc.) will not affect this number. Any deleted players (for example idler removals) will not change this number.

The winning alliance will need to make a forum post announcing the winners. If this is not objected by a player with an alive nation, the game will end and the alliance making the winning post wins the game. There is one week to object the post.  If the winning post is objected, a new post is needed. All the players not in the winning alliance will be counted as those who did not win.

If the game reaches T250 without an alliance or a player making a valid winning post LT37 will be a tie for *everyone* starting the game.

Space race is enabled and it may end the game. The player reaching the starts will need to announce the winners on the forum. If this is not done in 30 days after the game is ended with space race victory, the player with the space ship is the only winner.

An alive nation is one that doesn't have RIP on the nations page. It may be impossible to confirm if a player has cities or what kind of units there are left. For this reason anyone alive can object.

The game can also be ended with everyone alive allying. In this case the rule about max winners applies. The winners must be announced on forum. If someone who is not included in the winners list objects and that player can't be added to the winners list, the game will end without winners.

If the game is halted for a technical reason and/or can't be resumed in 90 days, it will end with a tie similar to reaching T250.

This is new to LT games: If you are not playing in T0 your nation may be given away. If you fail to play in 3 turns your nation may be given away. This will be decided bu the game admin(s). Idlers may also be removed from the game but also may not be removed. The admin(s) will decide about this. Since the admin is not playing the game, it's also possible that the admin will /take the control of the idlers and put them into defensive mode. In this case the admin will not really be playing the game but *may* control the idlers one day in a week Before T10 the admin may control the idlers more often if necessary. The admin may also disband the idlers if necessary. An idler is someone not participating T0 or appear idle in the nations tab = 3 turns idle.  However this is an option and the purpose of this is to keep the game balanced.

Total annihilation of the non-winning players is not required in any winning scenario. However, it's highly likely that some player(s) will aim for wiping out all the non-winning nations. It's also possible that those players will try to insult the enemy, use nasty strategies and try to figure out creative ways to beat you in this game. Remember that while insulting the enemy is a Longturn tradition, you may ally with your enemy in the next game. Don't take it too far or at least don't take it too seriously.

Have fun with LT39!


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