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Delegations and players missing most of a turn

In the past the delegation rule dictated that players should only move delegated units for a longer period of time. Like a weekend. There were lots of disagreement about what this means and what is actually a weekend or a comparable time. At a later time it was defined that a "weekend" or a comparable time means at least one full turn. Meaning that no two players should connect and control the same nation during the same turn. This has been the basic rule and reasonably easy to understand because there is no actual time limit to check. Only the last turn someone connected in the game. Of course stuff happens and a returning player may connect "too early". This is understandable even while it should be avoided or at least moving or doing stuff in case of logging in too early shouldn't be done.

I was asked about situations where one player keeps playing but has very limited time to make moves and can't usually make it to the tc action. Or maybe moving a ship with allied units in it. Or something else.

In what kind of situations two players should be allowed to control one nation at the same turn? Opinions, please. Never? In some special cases? Something else?

We need to decide about rules that are both flexible enough but can't be easily abused.


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Re: Delegations and players missing most of a turn

The gospel according to wieder says you can delegate whenever whyever as long it's not for more than 2 weeks.
But it's doubtful there will happen something if max time, however you define it, would be exceeded because if
there is a "replacement process" started to give away the nation to somebody else that does not mean that this
process will be successfully finished, ever. So no consequence at all is the probable outcome.

And if that's the gospel be consequent and drop the "1 turn rule". I do not understand why it should be labeled abusive
that allies help each other.

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