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Fundamentalism and small wonders

Looks like funda is still too weak for actual use.

Maybe this would make funda a real option?

* Still -50% penalty for science.
* Cities produce an extra trade point for every worked land tile that is already producing trade.
* Units can be bribed.
* Not possible to incite cites.
* The only government able to build crusaders and fanatics.
* No upkeep for crusaders and fanatics.
* Each city can support up to 2 units for free; further units each cost 2 gold per turn (except for Fanatics).
* Each city tolerates up to 3 aggressively deployed military units; each further unit causes 1 unhappy citizen.
* Buildings that normally confer bonuses against unhappiness will do that also with fundamentalism.

This should make fundamentalism a real option for those who want to fight wars in the mid-game. However with -50% sci bonus it shouldn't be possible to use fundamentalism for the rest of the game. Also with extra trade point it would be possible to grow the economy.

Also, we should probably make few changes to the small wonders to that the governments would have more actual effect for the game.

* Mausoleum of Mausolos no longer prevents inciting the cities.
* Mausoleum of Mausolos costs 80 instead of 180.
* Mausoleum of Mausolos only makes city walls and courthouses to make one more content.
* Pyramids will cost 150 instead of 100.
* Statue of Zeus will be removed from the game or made available only in mid-game instead of early game.


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