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The highlights for LT36

The first turn will be 74 hours and after that the game will proceed in 23h turns.

LT36 is based on Freeciv 2.5 meaning that you need to have a Freeciv 2.5 client. A Freeciv 2.3, 2.4 or 2.6 client will not do.

With a game client you need to click Connect to Network Game. From there you need to enter lt36.longturn.org as the host and 5036 as the port.

The highlights for LT36 are:

- a settler cost 3 population and citymindist is 4 instead of 5
- fundamentalism was made more relevant with no bribing cities and fanatics not costing population
- there are empty islands/continents for those who want to race to the new world (we did our best to make this as probable as possible)
- In the end of the tech tree there are some really powerful fusion based units

- more naval action and the ships can now actually escape after attacking
- easier to build your economy even if you want to fight early wars
- improved promotions system meaning you get some seriously promoted units if you go for military action
- some wonders only one nation can get meaning that there is an actual reward for getting there first

- no limits to alliance sizes allowing the smaller nations or newcomers to fight back if the big guys become too powerful
- peaceful nations will be able to protect themselves with cheaper defensive units if they are willing to do that
- growing the cities is easier and gives an actual option to conquering other nations
- there is a 2nd palace making it easy and effective to build far away colonies if you want to. No more devastating corruption and waste!

- techs become cheaper every time anyone else gets them
- space race is enabled and not too expensive
- no more secrecy! All players getting electricity will be able to get an embassy with *everyone* and it doen't cost too much!
- the fighters and some other units are no longer as powerful they were in LT34. They have a shorter range and will actually need carriers to be effective!

There are lots of new stuff and here you have only the highlights. Always check the game help for making sure how the settings are.

You may also ask here on the forum or on the game chat if you have questions about the game. Remember that private messages on the game can be sent by adding : after the player name or the beginning of the player's name. Writing wie: hello! on the game chat will send me "Hello" privately.

The ruleset can be found here: https://github.com/longturn/games/tree/master/LT36

Also remember that this is our first Freeciv 2.5 based game so there are probably surprises for everyone playing the game smile


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Re: The highlights for LT36

You said in chat that "The cities have auto granaries up until size 4".  Does that mean when growing from size 4 to size 5 (and beyond) that the granary will be emptied if there is no granary building built?

I think this would be good info to be part of your above post (or in your "changes to the ruleset" post), since I was unaware of the "auto-granary" effect until now, and I don't believe this was implemented in LT35.


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Re: The highlights for LT36

Good and relevant question.

I think the auto granary effect was there with LT35. Here is the appropriate copy paste from the in-game help. (City improvements - granary)

"When any small city grows or shrinks, 10 food points are saved; this helps cities to grow faster and more easily withstand famine. With a Granary this is extended to cities of size 4 and above. (10 food points is half what a small city needs to grow, but more points are needed for later growth steps.)

A Granary also halves the food wasted in cities far from your capital. Together with a Courthouse it eliminates food waste.

TIP: to maximise the speed with which a city grows, you should build a Granary before it grows larger than size 4."

This may not be obvious if you haven't played with the civ2civ3 ruleset but I think it's an integral feature of that ruleset and LT36 is using that as the base ruleset. LT35 was also using civ2civ3 but that was from Freeciv version 2.3 and lots of things have been changed between 2.3 and 2.5.

All the changes to the ruleset are in comparison to the Freeciv 2.5 civ2civ3 ruleset and that makes it complicated for many of us. Including me. Lots of surprises in this game big_smile


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Re: The highlights for LT36

I forgot to answer the actual question smile

Yes, the granary will be emptied if there is no granary building when the city grows from size 4 to size 5.


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