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Marco Polo, Leonardo's workshop and the priorities for doing stuff

How were these two small wonders? Too expensive or too cheap?

Quick reminder. Marco Polo cost 1000 shields giving all of your cities 40% boost to commerce. Leonardo cost 300 shields and gave upgraded two obsoleted units until automobile.

One way to look at this is the speed of the game. It's easier to play faster paced game if you can get more action with wonders. Cheaper wonders = more action.

Then again too cheap wonders will force everyone to build those as early as possible. Not so nice. In my opinion Marco Polo was worth building for almost everyone but at the same time not worth building as soon as possible. In a way this is what I personally like. Something you will be needing at some point of time but not something you really need before anything else.

Example of that kind of tech is monarchy. In LT33 almost everyone needed it as soon as possible but in LT34 this is no longer the case since you can actually choose between building the pyramids (was it only 100 shields?)  and monarchy.

What I would like to see is an actual choice for what to do. It's boring if there is just one route for playing a successful game. This means trhat if Marco Polo and Leonardo's are actually too cheap, we could have an alternative for those and with that there would be an actual choice to be made.


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Re: Marco Polo, Leonardo's workshop and the priorities for doing stuff

make marco polo's effect only be in cities with temple, library,marketplace, and colleseum. that will make it so that all the tiny smallpox cities don't get benefited by it, in case there is some player who has 100 small cities, it will be too powerful if all 100 tiny cities have such huge 40% boost. you might want to do the same with michaelangelo's and have it only take effect if player has temple and colleseum. as for leonardo's, it seems well priced -if it's any more expensive, it would be cheaper to just disband the old units for new ones or upgrade them one by one..

how about to add sun tzu's war academy that makes military units with barracks/barracks 2 VV instead of just V? I think that's great idea.. the strength is going from 150 to 175, not that much difference..

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