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Re: The list of changes to the ruleset LT33 is using

I don't know exactly why it's like that but it's the same bug for preventing the siege units from moving without roads/ships/airports and preventing them from gaining a v status if built on a city with barracks.

What if the siege units didn't have a v status in the future games but cannons and perhaps even catapults would have a city buster flag on? Meaning that they would be 100% more efficient (like artillery and howizers already are) when attacking against a city? This would be a big change to the ruleset so it would need to be discussed about.


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Re: The list of changes to the ruleset LT33 is using

Corbeau wrote:

Is there a summary about how governments work? The help/manual isn't all that revealing.

The ruleset of LT33 is mostly similar to LT31. You can find very detailed summary here (including governments):



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