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pipo's mistake

[06:55:27] (T152 - 10:08:38) <Akfaew> : [12:05:52] (T152 - 23:30:42) pipo now co
ntrols Mmm2 (Human, Alive). -- what's this about?

Ok, that was a mistake.
I did not realise it was wrong until I started to move a unit.
I moved a Musketeer along a railroad and back.
I was trying to read some chat from allies and realised that I could not move units because mmm2 was still there.
I switched back to kryon and that was it.
To my defense;
1.- I tought it was a test like I did 2 days ago with Kryon because of all the problems in the web site and delegation.
2.- I was under intense emotion as we were preparing to invade a whole island and Kryon had one of his island breached under my watch...
3.- It was around 8Pm for me and at that time I am ususally had a few drinks (that goes with bad judgment).
4.- I told mmm2 right away that that move was to get us in trouble.
5.- We really did not think it trhough and to prove that, mmm2 was even asking for help on the open on the chat window about delegating.
6.- There was no move of consequences done by me under mmm2 control.
7.- We had a lot on our plate replacing our 2 biggest allies on short notice.
(with that huge map, it is not easy when one is accustomed to certain area and suddenly is giving another area to control)
8. I am ready to pay for my mistake but I would like that my allies are not penalised for that.
9.- On top of everything, that delegation was completely unnecessary.



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Re: pipo's mistake

OK, that's fine with me and nobody else complained.


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