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Alliance and Turn Limits

We had voted for an alliance limit of N/10 and a turn limit of 180 here: http://longturn.org/poll/43/

If I remember correctly, counting all the idlers, the alliance limit for LT31 is max 7 players.

Since the map is huge, it seems almost certain that there will be more than 7 players alive by T180. So a new vote should be started to extend the deadline before it's too late.

Personally, I'd prefer LT31 to end sooner because the map is huge and takes too much time to play and I think no team can win with these settings. I discuss that here: http://forum.longturn.org/viewtopic.php?pid=2155

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Re: Alliance and Turn Limits

What about 250 turn?

Is it possible to add a blitz mode? Something that would increased movement for all units and increased cities output by x10 when we reach the last turn and too many players claim victory?


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Re: Alliance and Turn Limits

I don't think we should make premature assumptions regarding the difficulty for the game to be concluded given the map size and the rulets, so I suggest we don't decide upon changing any ruleset settings for now.  However, I think moving the end turn to 250 could make sense.

If participants at turn 170 have a concensus that the game indeed will be a stalemate, THEN perhaps we can discuss tweaking the rulesets.  Hopefully geoengineers, nukes and railroad will speed up the game considerably at that time ;-).


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Re: Alliance and Turn Limits

I would also support raising the turn limit to 250.


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