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500 BC Livy reports on the most MILITARIZED Civilizations in the World

Here is the list for most MILITARIZED Civilizations in the world. The game published this list only for those players who were online at the turn change. I'll try to keep posting these for those players who were not online at the time. That is, if I manage to be online at the time when they are released big_smile

It's just fair that everyone can see these and the delay for making this post was not intentional.

500 BC Livy reports on the most MILITARIZED Civilizations in the World.

1: The Supreme English
2: The Magnificent Bosnians
3: The Magnificent Etruscans
4: The Magnificent Japanese
5: The Magnificent Turks
6: The Great East Germans
7: The Great Poles
8: The Great Mixtecs
9: The Great Bretons
10: The Glorious Syrians
11: The Glorious Quebecois
12: The Glorious Polynesian
13: The Glorious Hellenes
14: The Glorious Assyrians
15: The Glorious Sikhs
16: The Glorious Egyptians
17: The Glorious Maori
18: The Glorious Pashtuns
19: The Eminent Palatinate Germans
20: The Eminent Kanem-Bornu
21: The Eminent Moroccans
22: The Eminent Normans
23: The Distinguished Chinese
24: The Distinguished Teutonic Order
25: The Distinguished Norwegians
26: The Distinguished French
27: The Distinguished Liechtensteiners
28: The Average Iranians
29: The Average Swedes
30: The Average Holy Romans
31: The Average Imazighen
32: The Average South Africans
33: The Mediocre Ruthenians
34: The Mediocre Spanish
35: The Mediocre Raramuris
36: The Mediocre Portugese
37: The Mediocre Armenians
38: The Ordinary Hackers
39: The Ordinary Dutch
40: The Ordinary Vikings
41: The Ordinary Slovakians
42: The Ordinary Siberians
43: The Pathetic Nimiipuu
44: The Pathetic Vampires
45: The Useless Tatars
46: The Useless Austrians
47: The Useless Brazilians
48: The Useless Swiss
49: The Useless Bengalis
50: The Useless Carthaginians
51: The Useless Templars
52: The Useless Barbarians
53: The Valueless Mongols
54: The Valueless Tibetans
55: The Valueless Hawaiians
56: The Worthless Sri Vijaya
57: The Worthless Asturians
58: The Worthless Soviets
59: The Worthless Westphalians
60: The Worthless Palestinian
61: The Worthless British
62: The Worthless Cornish
63: The Worthless Dominicans
64: The Worthless Cholas
65: The Worthless Greeks
66: The Worthless Numidians


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Re: 500 BC Livy reports on the most MILITARIZED Civilizations in the World

Thanks Wieder, I never get to see these unless you share them.

It would be good if we had one every 10 turns, maybe?

This Livy report disappoints me: there are 33 nations that are more pacifistic than mine.


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Re: 500 BC Livy reports on the most MILITARIZED Civilizations in the World

I'm number 1 !!! ??? I only have about 400 military units ... how did this happen? I blame the East Germans ... when communists bang on about peace I know I should prepare for the opposite !


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