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Corbeau's wishlist

I've been planning this for a long time, will just post quick notes for now, make more comprehensive list a bit later. This is basically a reminder for me.

I wants it now:

1. unhomed (or all) units are paid (gold upkeep) from national budget, not individual city

2. food overflow is saved when city grows (can only grow 1 size per turn)

3. can cancel particular trade route

4. "Bombarder" may move away after bombardment


5. COMPLETELY invisible unit (flag), can not be detected unless enemy unit bumps into it and then combat happens

6. bombarding duels: if a "Bombarder" unit is attacked by bombardment, it fires back causing damage to the attacking unit (not tile)

7. privateers: units without national flags, can't be detected to which nation they belong (should probably be combined with chat remote orders to move at a certain time during turn)

8. can not acquire (steal, treaty) more techs if you are in negative bulbs or if it would put you into negative bulbs. And at some point (at -500 or more) you should start losing techs, but only 1 per turn

9. more flexible score

10. HP loss delay (when away from city/base) - a ujnit that loses HP when it spends the TC outside of city/base doesn't start losing HP immediately, but after X turns

11. a series of chat commands for programming unit movement. For example:
/tcmove unitID (x,y) - sets the GoTo command for the specified ujnit to the specified coordinates after the next TC
/tcmovetile (x1,y1) (x2,y2) - same as above, applies to all units at tile (x1,y1)
/tcmovetype Type (x1,y1) (x2,y2) - same, applies to all units of the specified type on tile (x1,y1)
/relocate City (x1,y1) - if a unit is built in City the next turn, it is immediately given GoTo order to (x,y)

long shots:
FCW style of reports under sentry or something to the same effect


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Re: Corbeau's wishlist

Some far-fetched ideas: diplomatic stance toward other nations.

AIs have this and it is deemed unnecessary. However, maybe not: the leader's stance does not have to correspond with the stance of the people. Greater discrepancy may lead to more unhappy people. If population hates someone, they may not want to make alliance with them. And the other way round.

Diplo stance could be influenced by military situation, losses, trade relations, vicinity. But also third party covert operations (March 1941 protests in Belgrade and consecutive semi-coup against Yugoslavia siding with Hitler).


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