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Victory declaration

As of turn 134, our alliance: Zhcy (Manchu), Wieder (East German), Meton (Finnish) and Meddelney (Sarmatian) would like to declare victory.

This can be objected as per rules - https://forum.longturn.net/viewtopic.php?id=1477

Current scores will be posted to the discord chat for those that are interested: https://discord.com/channels/3789082741 … 9074537492

The game will now continue for at least 5 more days (5 * 24h) and end after that, if no one objects.

Update. Three of our alliance - Wieder, Meton and me - have a NAP with other players, with 5-turn warning period. We decided that it would be fair to allow our counterparts to end this deal with 10 hour warning time if they want so.

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Re: Victory declaration

No objections. The game will be ended.


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