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The League - Information and Rules

The League Information and Rules

- Currently there are 3 levels: O (freshmen), A (sophomores) and B (juniors+seniors). Once there are enough players, level B will be split into two levels: B (juniors) and C (seniors).
- Initial level assignments are based on number of LT games played since LT30.
- New League players will be initially distributed to appropriate level based on the number of LT games they played since LT30 as well as whether they won an LT game with a high winners/players ratio. Once a player starts playing a League game, future level assignments will depend only on the League performance.
- There will be no league ranking among players but winning status and in-game League score will be taken into account for promotions/demotions.
- A new game at each level will start soon after the previous game at that level ends and enough players confirm.
- After each game, some of the players will be promoted to the upper level and a few will be demoted to the lower level based on a combination of winning status and in-game League score. The promotion/demotion rules will be announced for each game before the game starts. The in-game League score depends on number of techs researched and number of units built/killed/lost.
- The league will continue indefinitely. New signups will always be welcome.
- Players do not have to play every game of a level. The assigned levels just show the eligibility to play at that level. Players who haven't played in any of the two consecutive League games at their level will be assumed inactive and removed from the League but their stats will be kept and they can rejoin anytime.
- Standard LT ruleset (LTT) (but there may be small tweaks).
- Map type: either continental (a large continent and several small islands) or islands (each player starts on an island that are all similar in size)
- Alliance victory with limited alliance size. Alliance limit will be decided for each game based on number of players. No space race or score based victory. Occasionally, there can be team games.
- Winners will always be promoted. Based on number of players, a few non-winner players with lowest League scores will be demoted. Some of the non-winner players at the bottom will earn 1 demotion point. Players with 2 consecutive demotion points will be demoted.
- Sign up on the League page and you will be assigned a level and added to the next game of that level.
- The winners need to announce the victory on the LT forum and in-game chat. If no one alive objects in 5 days, the game will end.
- Players who make offensive comments to other players in or out of game will be required to apologize to the player. If they don't apologize or if they apologize but do it again, they will be banned.
- If another player requests it, players who have logged in for more than 4 hours will have to log off for at least 0.5 hour. If not, the player will be kicked out for 0.5 hour.
- Unless all players involved are OK with it, enemies playing simultaneously is not allowed except for +/1 hour around the turn change (TC). Outside this interval, issues that are brought to the attention of the admins will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
- Idlers: Idlers can ruin the game for other players. Players who need a break can delegate to avoid being idlers. After turn 60, if a player has 5 cities or less, players will be allowed to idle. Otherwise, players can idle for up to 7 turns without penalty if they announce it in advance in LT forum or discord. Without announcement, a player can idle for 3 turns without penalty. If a player idles for a longer time than these limits, the player will earn 1 idling point. Players who play 3 League games without idling after idling a game will have their 1 idler point erased. If a player reaches 2 idling points, the player will be banned from the League. Admin will do his best to record idlers but reports from other players regarding idlers are welcome. Admin may take inactive nations for two turns to set all cities to defensive units/buildings. After that, idler nations will remain idle.
- Delegations: A player who needs a break can delegate to any other player at the same or lower League level (whether that player is in the current game or not). Delegated player and start day should be announced before delegating either in LT forum or discord. Ending day should be announced when delegation ends. Each player can delegate their nation for a total of maximum 20 turns for the whole game. If 20 turns cumulative is exceeded and delegation is not removed by player, admin will remove it and the nation will start idling until original player returns. Players cannot play (take) their nation back after delegating until they remove delegation. Players whose nation was delegated at turn T, cannot take their nation again until turn T+2. A player can only play for a maximum of one other nation at the same time. Other players are responsible to catch and report violations.
- Observing other nations, which requires player to be observed to delegate to the player who is observing, is allowed but players can only delegate to players (in or out of game) who are in the same or lower League level.
- Admins who are not playing in game: Admin can observe any player in game without permission. Admins can temporarily take control of players for purposes such as fixing offensive city names, handling idlers or banned players, etc. Admin cannot play for other nations. Admins shall not share intel gathered through observation/control of nations with others in or out of game.
- Admins who are playing in the game: Admin can only observe or take players who willingly delegate to the admin and has to obey all delegation/observation rules that apply to players. In this case, another admin who is not in the game will handle situations where forced observation/control of another nation is needed.
- Name changes: Players who have used more than one name before joining the League can have the games played under different names combined if they can prove it. League players are allowed to change name only if they announce it. In that case, their stats will be transferred to the new name. If a League player signs up in a League game with a new name without announcing it and if it is proven (via IP, email, etc.), both names will be banned from League. This rule applies to names changed only after joining League and only to names used in League games.
- Players using same IP: Players from the same household with the same IP can play in the same or different games as long as it is announced before the game starts.


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