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The ending conditions and the rules for LT59

Finally the rules are up!

Diplomacy is disabled in this game. This means that no allied victory is possible. This doesn't mean that two players can team up to attack someone else, only that they'll eventually need to fight each other.

The game will end in any of the following occurs:

  • Someone conquers the entire map.

  • Instead of conquering everything, a dominant player may claim victory on the forum and the in-game chat. A Discord post is also welcome to make sure that the admins see it. The claim is accepted if there is no objection in the 5 turns following the announcement (5*timeout). Make sure that your objection reaches the admins. Only objections by players still alive at the end of the 5 turns period count. If a valid objection is raised, the game continues.

  • If everyone alive is surrendering or announcing to quit playing the game will be ended. Idling for more than 3 turns equals to that.

Here are some general rules:

  • If someone doesn't play in T0, or is idle more than 3 turns without warning afterwards, the nation of that player may be given away. If nobody want to take over, or the nation is too weak, the player may be removed from the game. This means that all cities and units cease to exist.

  • Players can delegate control of their nation through the website. No player can control more than two nations, and no nation can be controlled by more than one player in the same turn. Announcing delegations and their duration in the in-game chat is encouraged.

  • You can't stay online 24/7. If you have been online for more than 6 hours on the same turn, any player can ask the admin to kick that player out for a short time. This kick time is the default 30 minutes. For this send logs to the admin (wieder), preferably on discord (longturn's discord, check the main page) or irc (#longturn, freenode). There will be no warning and only the admin needs to know who asked for kicking. Kicking will not be done one hour before or after the turn change.

The game admins (louis94 and wieder) will interpret the rules of there is a problem. If there is trouble interpreting the rules we will ask that on the forum or on discord.

Changes to the rules are subject to the following conditions:

  • The help texts can be fixed at any time, but the game will not be restarted to apply them.

  • If there is a bug that prevents the game from going on, it will be fixed. This has to be a really strong issue; for instance, if Gunpowder cannot be researched, or building a Stock Exchange crashes the game.

  • A player may propose a rule change if s.he thinks that there is a major issue. The proposal must be accompanied by a description of how the issue affects possible strategies. If two thirds of alive players (with a minimum of 6) and the admin positively agree that a rule change is needed, it can be done. If a player tells the admin that he has been planning to use the strategies permitted by the issue, the admin will object the change. If the admin is too busy to do the change or the change is hard, he will also object.

  • Minor issues will not be fixed.

A turn is 23 hours. If the game cannot be played for some time, for example due to a server crash or network issues on the server side, the turn may be extended to make sure that everyone can do their moves.

Have fun!


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Re: The ending conditions and the rules for LT59

The ruleset can be found in the usual place: https://github.com/longturn/games/commits/master/LT59


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