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One player legally controls several nations

Please redirect if somebody had such kind of thought already, did not search much.
One nation is in democracy, while another (endless friendly) is in despotism.... In the surrounding sphere.
I understand that it is difficult to be done on code level, but as for an experiment it would be enough to have a gentlemen agreement on duplicated accounts.
Trying to be brief, if something is unclear then please ask.


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Re: One player legally controls several nations

I am not sure what exactly this post is about. You are giving an idea or warning about something or complaining or...?


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Re: One player legally controls several nations

It's possible to control two nations at once and there have been some suggestions about a game where the players would be able to control two nations from the start. Usually the players only control one nation and a second one for a short period of time - through delegation - if someone goes on vacation.


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