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Proposal to end the game with a score-based ranking (or a "no result")

The recent arguments about midgame changes to the ruleset and server settings [1] appear to have caused major discontent among the players, with two players publicly quitting, and others possibly suffering some lack of enjoyment with the game (that is the case it least for me). Also, it has been noted that the players leaving may make the game less interesting for the remaining players [3]. I don't think simply leaving the game would do any good, as losing even more players would do nothing to alleviate that second issue.


I propose ending the game with a score-based victory, and ranking of the players based on the in-game score.

This is a possible ending by the rules set out before the game [3].  By the rules, ending the game would require all players and the game admin to accept it: any player can object to ending the game within 7 days.

However, given the disagreement on the ruleset, and the earlier issues with idlers, and possible issues with team balance which also have been mentioned, I believe that would not be the best solution. Instead, the best result would be to declare an ending with no result, avoiding an awkward change from expected military resolution to a score-based resolution which would be heavily affected by the roles they've taken within their teams.

This is not exactly supported by the rules, though, except going by "everyone alive announcing to quit". To that end, I'm announcing that I am willing to quit playing, conditional on this sort of ending being approved by other players and all other players also quitting. (Again, unconditionally leaving while the game continues would not seem to improve anything.)

It does not matter for this proposal why we ended up here. It may be that some players misread the rules set out before the game [3], or that the admins did not write said rules as the players who were involved in setting up the game would have wished.

[1] Some settings do not match original Warclient
[2] Message #2 under [1]
[3] The winning conditions and the ruleset for LT53


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Re: Proposal to end the game with a score-based ranking (or a "no result")

I support this proposal.


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Re: Proposal to end the game with a score-based ranking (or a "no result")

i suppoгт тоо.



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