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Suggestion: no bigger world than 256 by 256 tiles.

To make the game a bit more manageable in the long run (for those who survive and happen to get rather big countries), I would like to make more explicit suggestion for limiting the world size (hence the separate thread for it).

My suggested size limit is 256 by 256 tiles, slightly smaller than LT30's world.  Also, I would like this to be the max size no matter the number of players.  So if 128 players join the game, it will be tight!

Another reason for 256x256 is that is it 65536 tiles, which every true nerd recognize as the size of the addressable memory of the venerable Commodore VIC64 computer.  The coolness of this coincidence is reason by itself to accept the suggestion, as players can then view the world as one big chunk of VIC 64 internal RAM that they try to use for their nation.  (Hopefully the nation "Hacker" will be part of LT31... big_smile)

(Akfaew, let me know if I should create a proper vote instead)



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Re: Suggestion: no bigger world than 256 by 256 tiles.

We had voted to set map size to 600 tiles per player (including oceans). With that, your limit of 256x256 will be reached only if there are 109 players or more. So I don't think we'll have to consider it.


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Re: Suggestion: no bigger world than 256 by 256 tiles.

At 108 players! Looks like we may bust 256x256 after all.

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