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In last months I read of some issues about servers/memory/CPU etc.
Sometimes some of you  (Dude?) stated that with some very few $, everything would be ok. It was a pity nobody offered those bucks. I think it was not because they were too many.
I wonder if we can estabilish a "ticket" or a "offer" to partecipate to a game, something like 1$, in a PayPal account. Dude should openly manage the money and use it to pay servers, buy RAM, improve machines or whatever.
He could also award some other guys (or himself) with some of those bucks for any major programming/maintenance job, althou this should be kept as a symbolical reward to avoid that someone makes a "business" of it, so we can keep it "voluntary".
Of course some players (e.g. from "poor" countries) could partecipate for free, if they give enough explanation of the reason.


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Re: Ticket

After the move of games5 we got more memory and thus can now start a second game, no need for money.


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