Changes for the follow up for LT40

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Changes for the follow up for LT40

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You can make here suggestions about what to change for the next game (probably LT45 or LT46) using the improved LT40 ruleset.

LT40 had a more experimental ruleset with all the possible features we though were implementable and made sense to implement. Here you have some settings that may make it to the next game or maybe not:

SDI will be once again the standard nuke defense building that can be built to all the cities. It will however have no defense against standard missiles. Just against nukes. The biggest change however is that it will only stop the nuclear attacks with 75% probability.

Missile defense system will give 50% additional defense against cruise missiles and missiles.

Nuclear Defense System is a small wonder that can be built with flight. It will provide a 100% defense against nukes for one city.

Fighters and bombers will have about 30% less moves but both can stay on air for two tun changes instead of just one. In the standard ruleset the fighters were not able to stay on air even for one turn change. Hopefully this will allow more strategic air attacks.

Migrants can be added to cities up to size 12.

The cities will get more defense with size 5, 9, 14 and 24. They used to get more defense with size 9 and 20.

The tech prices will be calculated using the experimental setting meaning that the first techs will be cheaper than before and the late techs considerable more expensive.

Stealing techs will be more easy but there will be no traditional tech trading.

Communism may get some production buildings.

Fundamentalism may get martial law.

Also possible that markets, banks, stocks and super highways will give just 40% bonus to trade instead of 50%. They may also become slightly cheaper.

Marco Polo may be split into two wonders giving 10% bonus each.
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