Winning conditions as of Oct 10th 2023

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Winning conditions as of Oct 10th 2023

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The first turn will be extended if needed and the port is announced on the game page.

Here you have the rules and winning conditions that apply to some games. From now on (Oct 2023) it's typically mentioned on the game page. The game specific rules and winning conditions apply in addition to the regular longturn rules.

The ruleset:

where xxx = the name of the game like LT77 or LT70

The ruleset used is announced on the game page.

Winning conditions, several possibilities to win or end the game:

Allied victory:

Max number of the winners (1 - n) announced on the game page. The winners need to announce the victory on the in-game chat and on the forum or Discord. The winner(s) can also ask for someone to make the post if they have difficulty making the post. The other players need to know it's a legit winning post. Common sense will be used. If no one alive objects in 5 days the game will end. That's 5*24h. Player with a delegation can object.

The game can also be ended by claiming an in-game score based victory. In this case the players are ranked with the in-game score. There are full 5 days (5*24h) to object this. Announcement needs to be similar to allied victory. With the score based ending there are no winners. Just score based rankings. No one will be marked as a winner.

Space race victory will end the game and the players will be ranked with the in-game score. No one will be marked as a winner except the space race winner.

If everyone alive is surrendering or announcing to quit playing the game will be ended. Idling for more than 3 turns equals to that.

If someone doesn't play in T0 the nation of that player may be given away or delegated to some other player. If idle more than 3 turns the same may happen. If you are going to idle, let the admins know and this may be avoided.

One player should only control one nation + one delegated nation at once. However with the permission of the admin one player can control more nations for a short time. Short time is less than a week. If this is exceeded there must a a really really really good reason for that.

If there is a game breaking bug or issue we may fix the issue. Not all bugs or issues can be fixed when found. If it's only an annoyance a change is not made. Making a fix may not be imminent of happen "very soon" even if a fix is available. The players may or may nit get some time to adjust. Depending on the case.


- a unit costs 3x too much, we will fix it. Costs 20% too much and no fix.
- you can attack from ships to land without losing moves as supposed, a fix can be made.
- a unit is able to perform actions it's not supposed may get a fix if it's serious (explorer bribing, yes, no for a catapult entering a mountain wth no roads)

Again, common sense. If the bug is because of recent changes a fix is more likely. The game help can be fixed while the game is running but it may not be updated to the actual game since it requires a reload.

The github comments are documenting the changes made to the ruleset and the in-game help is a pretty good one. Just remember that it's possible that there are errors even while we have tried to fix the in-game help texts. You can also ask me and the others here, on irc or on discord about the game. An error on the help may not get a ruleset fix. Instead the help may get fixed. The basic idea is to have the game predictable for the people playing it.

If there is a real issue of players not playing the game, the admin can allow the players to exceed the delegation limits. This is to keep the game fair.

It's also possible that players will be removed from the game if the nations have no future and the player is no longer playing. This means having a single worker or explorer in the early game. Or having very poor nation with no takers for the delegation in the mid or late game. The main purpose of this is to keep tech leak working as intended. Please ask for removal and an admin who is not playing will evaluate the request. The nation may not be removed and there may not be a reason why. This is not intended as a tool for getting information.

You can't stay online 24/7. If you have been online for more than 6 hours on the same turn, any player can ask the admin to kick that player out for a short time. This kick time is the default 30 minutes. For this send logs to the admin (wieder), preferably on discord (longturn's discord, check the main page) or irc (#longturn, There will be no warning and only the admin needs to know who asked for kicking. Kicking will not be done one hour before or after the turn change.

Good luck and have fun!
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