Rules & general info

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Rules & general info

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The game will be played on hexes.

Game will be officially ended by either of the following:
* spaceship arrival
* one nation annihilating all others
* one player remaining the only non-idle
* victory announcement that remains unobjected for 5 turns (or rather, for 5 TCs - if the announcement is made during T100, the game officially ends at the beginning of T105) - victory announcement should be made in the in-game chat AND on Discord; feel free to post it here, too, for archiving purposes

Once the game officially ends, score determines the winner, others get bragging rights if they beat someone else - the game can continue unofficially for fun and testing if anyone asks it. In case of announcement, score is determined at the moment of the announcement. The announcer is required to post a screenshot of scores with the announcement. Yes, this means that you can't declare victory without a proper wonder/technology that gives full embassies.

Ruleset is stable and won't be fixed further for the duration of this game, but in case of major (or minor, but a nuisancy) problem, game may be paused until it is fixed.

1. Thou shalt not use more than one account nor lead more than one nation at the same time
1a. Delegations are permitted for a limited amount of time. What this amount is shall be discussed on a case-to-case basis.
2. Thou shalt not be online for the whole turn if your enemy asks that you take a break so that they can make their moves in peace.
3. Thou shalt have fun and allow others to have fun
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Greetings to the community. Do we wait for a port to connect to the game ?
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