Game going to start soon - rules

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Game going to start soon - rules

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Join us on the LearningLT2 game page on

This is a tutorial game aimed at beginners who have never played (Free)Civ or have played it very little and/or would like to get better acquainted with the interface, mechanics and House Rules for the Longturn Traditional Ruleset. The main feature of the game (unless there is a consensus for otherwise) is low-aggression environment.

The general rules are:
* continent based, each player is allocated 500 tiles
* do not conquer more than 1 cities per week
* do not attack a player who has 8 or less cities
* no early aggression: do not attack anyone before turn 30

As originally posted, each player will be teamed up with an experienced player from the Longturn community. The primary means of communication between players and their mentor will be on Discord. If not already, please create an account and visit us at the LT Discord server and the #learninglt2 channel

Admin will periodically log in and observe randon players to see how things are progressing and if anyone is not following the rules. If, as a player, you experience anothe player not following the rules, please either post in game chat or on the Discord game channel. I am hopeful that with the experienced mentors providing guideance that this won't be the case.

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