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How to create a super city

Choose a city you want to make great.

This is preferably your capital city. Having hills close to it is good. Having it on a hills is also good. Mine the hills close to this city. You should do the work for this city first and leave the other cities for a later time.

And really, the libraries are important in the mid game but give very little in the early stage. The cities need to be big to make building libraries worthwhile. A library cost 60 and that's kind of worth 120 gold. A size 4 city may give you 4 sci and with a library you would get 2 more. Not that good.

Instead if a player builds 3 workers for that 60 shields, there can be roads, mines and all kind of stuff. Defensive units can reach the action soon enough. It may feel weird not to build improvements in the start but building stuff like workers instead will pay off smile

And maybe getting bronze working if you are in a risk of being attacked. A phalanx is just barely more expensive but twice as powerful defender

The same actually goes for markets. No need to build those really in the early game. Getting trade as the tech is pretty much more than anyone can get from a market at this time. Not sure about the optimal value but if you get less than 10 gold from a city then it's probably not worth it to build a market.

How to get a city where to build wonders and get the ma profit from them?

If the city has wheat or lake fish as the food source, let it grow to size 5. Letting it to grow beyond that makes no sense without a granary building. Then again building a granary building makes no sense in the early game. Instead when the city hits size 5, build 3 migrants on other cities and use those to make the city size 8. That way your big city can focus on producing science and shields and leave the settler production and growth to other cities. never build a settler in this city. you want it big. If you are not going to get monarchy as soon as possible, build the pyramids in this city. It's the top priority for the big city.

After pyramids build colossus and after that Copernicus also keep the big city happy with units. Warriors will do fine but remember to replace the warriors with phalanxes as soon as possible. you don't want to lose this city. After getting Copernicus, build a library to that city. If you don't need techs fast, build first market and only then library.

Maybe at a later time you may want to build there aqueduct, Malbork Castle and House of Peasants. These buildings make it possible to make that city size 20 really fast. Malbork castle almost removes the need to build temples and other happiness wonders. House of Peasants let the city to use the far away tiles and this is important for your best city. It will make this city huge, powerful and your pride smile

Then build city walls (if not earlier) and also underground tunnels. This with few good defensive units will make the city almost invincible.

This is of course only one path you can take but I guess it's not that bad one smile


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Re: How to create a super city

Is there any sense to build mines/irrigation/road under the city (on the sector of city)? Does it give something?


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Re: How to create a super city

kamBLR wrote:

Is there any sense to build mines/irrigation/road under the city (on the sector of city)? Does it give something?

city center tile

IIRC, mines yes
             irrigation sometimes (depends on terrain)
             roads never (are built automatically)


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Re: How to create a super city

I'm not sure irrigating an irriga(ta?)ble tile gets any benefit, as tiles are irrigated automaticly on a city centre ile, just as with roads. However, if you build a city on forest, then the tile gives you only one food and if you clear the forest, then it acts like an irrigated plains.


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