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The game will be reverted to turn T29 (current turn)

This will happen December 27th.

Because of technical issues we can't extend the current turn. Instead of that the turns will advance as normal until December 26th. At that time late state of T29 will be loaded and extended to end December 27th. The players are free to do anything they want while the game keeps running before it's reverted. There will be minor issues with getting info the players might not have gotten but since there are probably "not that many" wars this shouldn't be that bad.

Some people claim it's an in-game trick with the ancient people building a crude pre-replica of the DeLorean DMC-12 time machine and resetting the time. Who can tell what actually happened. Or will happen? tongue

Anyway. Sorry about this. Stuff happen, can't remember all during the season and everyone should be able to make the actual moves that matter smile


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