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The proposed winning conditions and rules for LT38

LT38 is a two team game.

The game can be won if one team is wiped out and everyone in that team is RIP.

The game can be won if another team gives up. Every living nation (not RIP) will need to make a forum post and tell that they give up.

The game can be won with space race victory. The winner is the team that's first able to reach the stars. The server will tell the winning nation.

Only alive nations can be among the winners. An alive nation is one that's not RIP.

If the game can't be continued in 90 days or no winning post is made after the game can no longer be played the game will end with tie.

Winning post is always required for the winning team. If not objected in a week, it will be valid.

Basically everything the server lets you do is allowed. Hacking and staying online 24/7 or too long (like half of the day) is not allowed. RTS is allowed while not encouraged. A game is better without RTS but since RTS (real time strategy) is very common and powerful tool around the TC (turn change) there is little we can do about it.

Wiping out everyone else is not required for the victory.

The teams are permanent, but if you have really really good grounds on kicking out some ill behaving player from your team, this can be done with admin decision. However this requires extra work for me and akfaew. Please don't propose this unless absolutely necessary. There are no exact rules for kicking out someone. You will just need to convince the game admin(s) for doing that.

Idling nations can be given away if the player has not logged in in T0 or if the player remains idle for a week.

The admins may decide to remove idlers from the game. Players not logged in at T0 may be removed or given out to someone else. A delegation is also possible.

Since this is a two team game, you can set a permanent delegation for someone on your team. This should be used only when the other player is not able to play. If someone goes idle and has not logged in for a full turn (for example, has not been online during turn T50) you can ask admin to set a delegation for this nation. Use common sense for this. If the admin(s) think this is abused, you will be asked about it. The admins can remove or forbid delegations if they are abused. This will not happen easily, so don't be afraid of delegating to someone.

Admin(s) can remove or set delegations if necessary. Delegations to player not playing LT38 need to be admin approved.

Only one delegation at a time is allowed. However you can get a and delegation (3rd nation to be controlled) by admin decision. You need to convince the admin(s) that this is necessary and not unfair. I hope no more than one delegation / player is not needed.

The actual game rules can not be changed during the game unless there is a bug preventing the game to be played. Ruleset changes to game help can be done but the changes are not immediately applied since that requires a game save/load.

If something is missing from this post or there is a disagreement how to interpret something, it will be decided by admin decision. The game admin will not play LT38 and tries to be objective.

If there are problems or something improve for future games, please let us know. There will be forums for LT39 and LT40 once LT38 has started. You can also post on L38 forum.

There is a team chat available on the Freeciv client. Using that really helps you and your team. Ask others if there is something to be asked. You can also ask on the forum or on IRC channel #longturn (freenet).

And the most important thing. Have fun and make this a great game! smile


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Re: The proposed winning conditions and rules for LT38

Sounds good. Thanks, admin! smile Wish you were playing, but enjoy the summer!


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