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Nukes and battleships

I was thinking about adjusting the costs of those units. Maybe also carriers.


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Re: Nukes and battleships

Battleships have 18 attack/defense, 30 hp and 2 fp. Against a 20 hp defender with 1 fp (e.g. rifle, alpine, marine, partisan, fanatic) they essentially have 18x2x1.5=54 attack vs 4-5 defense. They only cost x3 of those defenders (150 vs 50 shields). A v-rifle in city on hill with coastal and size 9 or above has 4x1.5x1.5x1.5x1.5x2=40.5 defense vs a v-battleships 18x1.5x1.5x2=81 attack.  Even a nuke with 99 attack with 10 hp vs a non-veteran battleship with 18x2x3=108 defense can fail!

They are just too strong. Instead of inccreasing the cost, I suggest decreasing its fp from 2 to 1.

Edit: Oh just found out from help that  "If a ship is attacking a land unit on land the firepower of both is set to 1." Still battleships are too strong against other sea units...I still suggest lowering their fp to 1 for all units.

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Re: Nukes and battleships

I disagree. They cost a lot and move slow (no rails on the seas). And have to find a port facility to heal, which is harder than finding barracks. I think they are fine in cost and FP currently.

I believe nukes destroy every target no matter the defense.

Carriers are too expensive and I think should come down a bit?


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