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The map for LT38?

LT37 is once again a game with islands. The another option is continents. We can change map size (tiles/player), the amount of mountains, hills, water etc...

Here are the current settings for LT37:

set barbarians=disabled
set generator="ISLAND"
set huts=0
set landmass=40
set mapsize="PLAYER"
set separatepoles=disabled
set specials=200
set startpos="VARIABLE"
set steepness=40
set temperature=50
set tilesperplayer=320
set topology="WRAPX|WRAPY"
set wetness=60
set alltemperate=enabled

For example, with a team game adding the poles to the map wouldn't really make the game that unbalanced for the players starting next to the pole area.

In some games there has been more or less mountains/hills.

LT30 was probably the last game where it was possible to build a city on a mountain. A city on a mountain and a river would make it possible to use very different strategies.

Any LT game I know of ever used huts but if we want to speed up the start, adding huts might be possible for a team game.

The basic guidelines for creating games are really simple. A game should be balanced enough, but not too balanced. It can have some random elements but the random elements can't have too much weight. Something new is nice but stuff should be added for a reason.


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