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LW3c Winning Topic

I claim victory in LW3c.

All other players are destroyed.

And yes, for the record I bribed idle player Tman74744's 2 idle settlers (giving me 2 extra cities) and also bribed 2 of Tman's cities.  This for sure gave me a huge advantage, so even with sigur decided to side with Subfusc and Iaau, making it 3 vs 1, I still won. 

corhin and sigur suffered early settler losses by me that of course are catastrophic. Catapults killed another of sigur's cities when I offered to let him join me. He did for a bit until after I killed one of subfusc's cities when sigur switched sides. lol

Tman74744 was idle the whole game. corhin was idle for a while but came back.


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