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Cannot join game

I cannot even get to the game board, let alone have any units.
How do I get in the game to play?


#2 2015-02-03 08:16:07

Ganoes Paran
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Re: Cannot join game

You have to download client 2.3.5 install it.
Make an account on www.ongturn.org webpage.
Be sure you had been replaced ingame.
Click join a game.
Write your name in name
longturn.org in server section
5034 in port section
password from www.longturn.org
Have fun.


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Re: Cannot join game


You have tried to join LT34 only after the game has started.


Players can't be added after starting the game. This is because the map is created for just as many players as there has been joining the game in the first place and it't not possible to change the map after starting the game. It's also not possible to add new players because of this and several other reasons.

There will be new games starting but since Longyurn only has a limited number of players, that game or games are not going to start in the next few weeks. The next LW game probably starts earlier than the next LT game. The next LT game probably starts maybe in 3-5 months. 

I'll respond also to the idler replacement thread.


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