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Waterworld game

Here is a waterworld scenario I made.  Maybe we can do this instead of Ltex.  If an admin will allow signups asap, maybe we can start early September.  I don't see a way to attach a file with these forums, or I would give whole ruleset.  Anyway, here is readme and .serv files.  Read, discuss.  Ideally landmass would be even smaller.  I think 5% or less, but 15 is minimum.  Starting settings are designed to speed up initial expansion phase, so we can all get to killing each other sooner. smile  I'm still tweaking it.  If we play this, I will make some graphics for the new units, etc.

by Grendel

This scenario uses Civ2Civ3 v1.3 as a base.  Added changes to make it more playable for Longturn, and custom changes.

Compared to Civ2Civ3 or other rulesets as noted.

* add Academy, req Phil
* city wide Great Wonders changed to Small Wonders (colossus, copernicus, pyramids)
* Harrison's Marine Clock, great wonder, req Navigation, player's sea units heal at twice normal rate
* Lord Nelson's Naval Academy, wonder, req Leadership, all sea units start as veterans
* Lighthouse: + 2 move, cost 200
* Magellan's: increased chance to raise level, cost 200

* harrison's, lord nelson's, lighthouse, magellan's changes
* modified harbour
* port facility additions for new unit classes

* ruleset description changes
* global_init_techs="Sailing"

* add sailing tech, add Sailing as req for Map Making

* x2 move cost for terrains that have move cost > 1.
* ocean_resources = 1, can have ocean specials not near coast
* ocean_reclaim_requirement = 0, can transform any ocean tile regardless of proximity to land
* Lakes 2/0/1, Oceans 1/0/1, DO 0/0/1 (a little experiment, shouldn't oceans be worse than land?)
* removed NoPollution from Lakes, Oceans, DO
* Jungles irrigate to Grassland
* New/changed specials:
    Deep Ocean: sharks (FFFP), octopi (FPT); experiment, looks fairly useless until transforming
    Grassland: generic removed, added horses (PP), cows (FPT)
    Ocean: added ruins (TTT)
* tripled build time for all forts

* Foundation base (pre-fortress)
* Fishery base (Fishing Boats make these so Harbors grant +1 food to tile)

* Tripled unit movement compared to default ruleset (except Nuclear).
* Veteran levels/move/powerbonus/raisechances from LTEX23b.
* new veteran level names (Level 1, etc.)
* vision: doubled for most units compared to default ruleset (values of 4/16/100, designed for hex tiles)
* removed Settlers role from all but Workers (game was making startunits Migrants or Workers arbitrarily)
* new unitclasses: hovercraft, riverboat
* new units:
    airship (3/1/12, 20hp, carry 1, like bomber, req Comb)
    bi-plane (3/3/24, like Fighter, but can't attack missiles, req Comb)
    catamaran (0/1/9, cost 20, carry 1, no go on deep ocean, can go on rivers, req Sailing)    Original idea was for this unit to be a "sea explorer" with no cargo capacity, but important to make a ship that can carry available at start or nearly so.  Otherwise, some players may be stuck on small island with nothing to do but wait for tech that allows boat.
    fishing boat (0/1/3, sea workers, req Seafaring)
    hovercraft (10/4/6, carry 1, UnitClass hovercraft, needs testing, can't go on DO, F, H, J, Mtn. w/o road/river, useless?)
    longship (2/1/10, carries 2, can go on deep ocean, req Seafaring)
    steamship (0/3/13, 20hp, carries 6, between Galleon and Transport, req Steam Engine)
    trebuchet (8/1/3, req Physics)
* changed units:
    ironclad (can go up rivers)
    triremes cost 30, can go on rivers

rulesetdir waterworld

set aifill 25        ;disable for longturn
set citymindist 4    ;set to 1 for longturn, did this for AIs
set dispersion 1
set foggedborders enabled
set generator fractal
set gold 1000
# set huts to 1 per player?
set huts 25
set landmass 15
set mapsize player
set notradesize 2
set sciencebox 50
set specials 150
set startpos variable
# workers can simply be bought, explorers fairly useless, this is max number of startunits, sea moving startunits not supported
set startunits cccccccccccccccccccc
set techlevel 0
set temperature 70
set tilesperplayer 50
set tinyisles disabled
set topology hex|iso|wrapx
set wetness 80

# sets AIs for civil war nations
#set allowtake ""    enable for longturn
set barbarians normal
set civilwarsize 6
set diplchance 50
set endturn 90
#set fixedlength enabled    enable for longturn
set onsetbarbs 10
set restrictinfra enabled
#set roadbuild 4    ;enable for longturn
set saveturns 10    ;set to 1 for longturn
set savename waterworld
#set timeout 82800    enable for longturn
#set unitwaittime 36000    enable for longturn
set unreachableprotects disabled


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Re: Waterworld game

This sounds great! While I think LTxx should remain the standard game (With changes voted for by all and on which rankings are based) it would be cool to have all kinds of crazy alternatives running alongside to test concepts. A waterworld should be well suited to spawning new players continuously during the game. I would suggest switching off Barbarians/Pirates. Give new players mostly offensive units and they will fill this role, with established players battling to hold onto the limited dry land.
It would be nice to see more discussions of new concepts for longturn (Maybe I will start one).


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Re: Waterworld game

I was thinking for these types of weird games they would last about 3 months or so.  Then do something else wacky.  But it could run without a set end, Ltex style, with the ability to add players mid-game, if that's what people decide.  I always liked barbarians and huts.  I think they were put in the original Civ2 to make the early phase more exciting.  Without barbarians, you stand no chance of getting attacked until you make contact with other players, which can take a while.  But it's all changeable by polls.


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