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Syncing citymindist and cityradius

Oh, while I'm at virtually shitting out suggestions for LT31, why not come with yet another one...

When looking at them separately, the LT30 citymindist and cityradius are fine for me, but combined, I'm not too happy about them as citymindist reaches 2 tiles beyond the tiles covered by cityradius and I would rather see citymindist just reach 1 tile beyond cityradius.  This leads to odd things like if one city is located 9 tiles south of another, there ends up to be a region between these two cities which cannot be worked by either city and which is out of reach for any future city as well.

So, could we either lower citymindist 1 step or increase city radius so it goes one tile further?

Disclaimer 1: I know citymindist is in effect creating a square-shaped collection of tiles around a city where other cities cannot be founded while cityradius defines a more circular shape.

Disclaimer 2: I know citymindist simply is measured in 'tiles away from the city' while cityradius is the max sum of the squares of X and Y offsets between city and tiles belonging to it and I'm aware that this in a strict sense makes it meaningless to set cityradius = citymindist - 1.

But if we have to go mathematical strict, I would like to set citymindist = int(sqrt(cityradius)) + 1

(Keeping LT30 citymindist of 5 and make cityradius 20 could be an interesting way to get REALLY huge cities smile )



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