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SG 3

LTX based ruleset game with much more units than in other games. The scenario will be an Americas map handcrafted by Sketlux. Each player starts with three specials ships called knarrs to transport settlers, workers, and warriors to the new world. The starting point will be for all players near Iceland but with the choice to sail wherever you want to found your new settlement. Keep in mind, however, that the knarr has a limited lifespan of 10 rounds before it gets eaten by shipworms... One winner means that there is no allied victory. The players however can co-operate if that's what they want to do. Start probably in November, final check for proper map settings with map testers that will not play to keep the map unrevealed before start.

IMPORTANT: It is highly recommended that you join our discord server to get more information and to make the newly added units for this special game visible.


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