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Getting info about enemy movement while you are offline

I'll put this here for bookkeeping purposes.

When you log on, you should get all the information about any enemy unit that crossed your line of sight. Simply, it makes perfect sense and the opposite doesn't make any sense at all. Your units/people/citizens have eyes, enemy movements is reported. Also, not having this automatically reported heavily favours someone who is online and can see enemy moving. (There is a 6-hour rule, but it can be avoided if you are smart.)

The problem is that reporting every tile in the Messages screen creates information overload.

So, how to solve it with the minimum amount of coding?

Yes, there is a patch currently in action that involves sentried units, but it is very limited. Definitely better than nothing, but, again, if you are smart, you can make it useless and minimise reports your enemy is getting.


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