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WLT Ruleset Change Requests

1. In warciv, cities cannot have specialists such as scientists and taxmen until they reach a minimum size of 3. (I actually think this ability adds greater depth to the early stage of the WLT game and would vote to leave it as it is.)
2. Making contact with another civilization should establish a basic embassy providing two sources of intelligence: government type and amount of gold in the treasury. This lets you know, for example, whether his government is republic or fundamentalist and whether he is max taxing or researching. (After experiencing this in the game, I think it’s more interesting not to have this intelligence from basic contact and would vote to leave it as it is.)
3. A tile with a special resource keeps its special status when transformed, from plains with buffalo to forest with pheasant for example.

Shogun (Discord 07/04/2021)
but so far this look's pretty warciv, doesn't it? I mean if we don't calculate these 3 setting's
there is a 4th one, I dont know if u have noticed it already
there is 1 turn rapture delay, in warciv ur city usually raptures when u set lux, here it takes 1 turn to make it celebrating

5. Fighters can move freely without restriction as long as they still have movement points. (Use of the arrow key, however, lets you move the fighter back out of a city.)
6. Airlifted units can fortify and are repaired by a barracks in the new host city for that turn.
7. And, erm, the “amphitheatre” should be called a colosseum.

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