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LT57 - Game Over - the Hellcats Victory

My team the Hellcats has won.
Thanks to everyone for making this game fun.
The 7 (+1) winners are kevin551, 0xandr, ste, panch93, bamskamp, ghamath, Chill. (And wieder_fi who was our reserve player).
Special thanks to wieder and louis who were the admins of this game.

Congratulations to my opponents Vectron's Imperial Navy for playing well and coming 2nd in this not very long game.
The game ended with an early resignation. The statement is here -  LT57 » Resignation and Congratulations

This game is the third in a series of two-team games. We are now winning 2:1
The previous two results were announced here -
LT49 » Game Over - Team Corsair Victory
LT51 - Game Over - Team Privateers Victory

Here are the individual stats at the ending of the game. Sorted by killed.



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Re: LT57 - Game Over - the Hellcats Victory

Have now read through Hans' writeup of the game at Realms Beyond Forum : Freeciv LongTurn (LT57 report).
A great read.
This game was the 'best' of the series so far. The two teams were finely balanced until near the end.
The level of play on both sides was higher than previous, and both teams followed an honourable etiquette.
Congratulations to all who played, and especially to my opposing team captain cgalik who gave my team such worthy opponents.

A nickname was given to each of the captains during the game. 'Paranoid Farmer' and 'Eternal Noob'.
These two names seem better than the original team names chosen.
The  'Eternal Noobs' were punished repeatedly in the early game for leaving so many cities empty.
The  'Paranoid Farmers' were 'punished' by having so many units unused at the back. The game ended early before these units were upgraded and moved forward.

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