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Idea for a new learning/practicing/sandbox/tutorial game

After the "Learning LT" game is finished, we could start a new one, if there are people who may be interested.

The purpose, again, would be to create a map for completely new people to get familiar with LT settings. However, this could also be used for a testing battleground for more or less experienced players, as long as they follow the rules.


Fair islands.

Players' home islands are "untouchable", you are not allowed to conquer them. However, there are additional islands that everybody is free to fight for.

This way new people are free to explore the economic game features on their island, but also investigate combat features on terrain that is isolated from their homeland.

Additional feature: create "Blank" players in LT system so that new players can join after the game has started through LT admin delegation.

Also, once a player has had enough fun with his nation and decides he is not interested in playing (or has gone idle for X turns), his nation is weakened and given to a new player if one appears. If nations are possible to revert back to stone age, the game can be endlessly recycled without restarting.

Ruleset tweaks required:

1. Small tech upkeep used to leech techs from idle/abandoned nations and make them restartable again

2. Suicide/migrant unit used to leech idle/abandoned cities: very cheap, no shield/money upkeep and maybe a lot of food upkeep

Technical problems and possible solutions:

In order to create a favourable map with fair islands available for conquest, it may be necessary to create a number of AIs to occupy the islands. Map generator on this setting only creates large island if it is to be a nation's starting point. I would say that the number of AI islands, that are to be used as non-home and thus battle islands, should be at least equal to the number of player islands.


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