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Delegation requests

From the rules:
"Since this is a team game, any team member may be delegated to another team member if someone is idler (not online) for full turn."

Dim hasn't been online for many full turns in this game. As of me writing this, the nation tab shows him idle for 3 turns. No idea if these are full turns or if the current turn is the 3rd. It doesn't matter. If nobody else steps forward, please delegate to me.

From the rules:
"If an idler is not replaced the team will have one week to move for the idler."

The admin might want to clarify if this sentence applies to game start only or if it
is to be taken literally in the sense of the above definition: idler = not online for full turn.

Please do not re-iterate the rules. I can read. It's a precise question.


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Re: Delegation requests

Dim is now delegated to you.


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