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The winning conditions and the ruleset for AU1 game

Winning conditions are:

Allied Victory, with max allied winners = rounded down sqrt(player number). The winners need to announce the victory on game chat and if no one alive objects in 7 turns, the game will end. Objector must to survive these 7 turns to cancel end of the game.

Game will end also if every nations quit and will be idle for more than 3 days. Winner will be the player with highest score.

Space Race Victory will end the game when first spaceship will reach its destination
(please note, that all space ship component require city with Space Lift small wonder, therefore need to be built in subsequent turns).

Cultural Domination Victory will end the game when first player reach 50000 culture points, while second player will  be at least 1000 points behind.
Culture Points are collected each turn from Wonders, some buildings and Achievements.

Game ends also, if in-game years reaches current year.

augmented2 ruleset for freeciv 2.6, source on github:


Because it is experimental game, ruleset may change during the game, if major bugs are spotted, common sense is applied to judgement if given bug is major or minor.


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