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fran wrote:
wieder wrote:

Just to make sure, fran, you object ending the official part of the game even if it continues to run unofficially?

At the moment I count you reply as objecting to end the game with the score ending.

I want the real game to continue with the players that want that. Whatever you declare official or unofficial, what scores you take, when you take them, what you do with them, is absolutely not my concern.

I think that you understand the two purposes of the "official" ending:

  1. Decide the winner. Some people play to win.

  2. Don't force players to keep playing a game if there is no interest. So after the official ending, usually most players will go idle. Delegation restrictions are also pretty much lifted to keep the game interesting for the remaining players.

In addition, if there is a server crash ended games may not be resumed unless explicitly asked.

In your statement, I understand that "the players that want that" are the ones who would keep playing after the official game end. So I take that you don't object; correct me if I'm wrong.

#2 Re: LT53 » Some settings do not match original Warclient » 2020-08-24 14:23:09

Thank you for sharing your opinion. It's clear now that the rules will not be changed, especially after the players who requested it left the game.

#3 Re: LT53 » Some settings do not match original Warclient » 2020-08-23 22:51:00

Pasting this here

shoigu wrote:

if u gonna launch one day another warciv game the following things u have to change
-disabled techsteal from allies
-space victory disabled, only way to win is anhilating the opponent team, or they give up
-airlift to allies disabled, only airlift allowed is to ur own cities, 1 unit per city, per turn
-no bribing at all, bribe costs for 1 city must be like 300k gold, so non possible to bribe even 1 city in the entire game
-also the sight sea that is following more than 2 tiles from the island's, leading to another island's is not warciv real setting. I dont know if this one is possible to change.
all tiles that are more far than 2 tiles that surround's an island has to be converted in to deep sea


shoigu wrote:

-set revolen 2, instead revolen 1, anarchy time has to be 2 turn's
-set rapturedelay 0, instead rapturedelay 1

Even more:

shoigu wrote:

- trading gold disabled
Is there btw a possibility to enable contact to the enemy when u met him? I mean to see what is his amount of gold and what goverment he is using?
Embassy would gain the knowing about what he is researching, and what tech's he is having

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fran wrote:

Also the administration should clarify who is responsible for what.

The administration as a whole is responsible for everyone having fun. If this game wasn't fun, sorry about that, we're doing our best.

#5 LT53 » Shoigu surrendered, nation open for permanent delegation » 2020-08-23 21:23:40

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Shoigu will stop playing because of this. Unless the entire team wants to surrender, we're looking for a replacement player. A player was already proposed, but he hasn't answered yet.

#6 LT53 » Some settings do not match original Warclient » 2020-08-23 16:26:42

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Dear players,

It was brought to our attention that the following settings aren't set as intended:

  • Airlifting to allied cities is enabled. This makes the leading team much stronger.

  • Bribing cities is possible. In the original Warclient rules, bribing a city costs 100k's of gold.

  • Space victory is enabled. This is most likely only an annoyance.

These rules were present from the beginning, but this was noticed only recently. The whole ruleset balance is possibly affected (for instance, a rapture ruleset can easily generate tons of gold to bribe cities).

According to the rules:

The rules wrote:

If there is a game breaking bug the ruleset can be fixed. If it's just an annoyance or like a really powerful but cheap unit, a change is not made. Again, common sense. This is not done without something really serious happening. The game help can be fixed while the game is running but it may not be updated to the actual game since it requires a reload.

I would like to hear opinions on whether or not these are game-breaking issues that must be fixed in this game. I hope you enjoyed the game so far regardless of these settings!


#7 Longturn.net services » Downtime tomorrow » 2020-08-11 13:58:09

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The provider of our server will shut down their machines tomorrow between 12:00 and 20:00 CEST (6:00 to 14:00 EDT, 3:00 to 11:00 PDT, 19:00 to 3:00 JST). This means the website, forum and games will all be down.

Discord, the Freeciv forum and IRC will all be available.

#8 Longturn.net services » Private messages do not work » 2020-06-06 23:37:00

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Private messages sent through the forum interface are not delivered as they used to be. The configuration was apparently lost.

#9 LT53 » Training resources » 2020-05-29 02:04:10

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Here are some resources to help you win!

  • The ruleset in a zip file. Unpack it in your Freeciv data directory ($HOME/.freeciv/2.6 on Linux) to be able to start test games with the rules used in the actual game. The ruleset can be chosen by writing the following in the chat box:

    /rulesetdir LT53
  • A save with a copy of the island and starting units. You may need to rotate/flip it in your head to match it with the real one.

  • Shoigu's tutorial. It's a very useful resource to understand what to do. In case of doubt, ask an experienced player! LT53 is a team game for this very reason.

Enjoy LT53!

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wieder wrote:

If an idler is not replaced the team will have one week to move for the idler. After that one week the team is allowed to login and move for the idler 2 times during 5 turns. How to know what is the 5 turn slot? The game is divided into 5 turns slots for this purpose. 0-4, 5-9, 10-14 etc... If the slot is not full 5 turns after the week of going idle, it's allowed to move 1 or 2 times. 1 times for 1-2 turns and 2 times for 3-4 turns.

I really didn't know how to say that. the players can move for the ilders but only for a week, every turn
after that they can move only twice for each 5 turns
and the 5 turn slots are defined like that on the post
because with no slots it would be impossible to know when someone can move and impossible to track if someone already moved
the slots define when those 2 turns can be used
the idler need to remain untouched for those other 3 turns

Not being able to buy every turn will seriously affect the game. If the idea is to prevent top player from running too many nations, simply require that the score of the replacement player be lower than that of the idler. This can be checked by sharing a screen of the team scores with the admin.

#11 Re: LT53 » LT53 is about war and the ruleset is multiplayer 3 warciv » 2020-05-27 11:30:33

Typical warclient games are about 80-90 turns. Rapture growth more than compensates for the slower early growth.

#12 Re: Longturn.net services » longturn.net is now available over https » 2020-05-27 11:28:47

I have plans for a major website udpdate, but it's moving slowly. Everything is a bit frozen meanwhile. But good idea smile

#13 Re: Longturn.net services » All the games have crashed » 2020-05-09 01:14:14

Games are up and running again, started from the latest saves. Hopefully no lucky attacks were undone.

Apparently what crashed was the tmux process under which the games were running.

#14 Longturn.net services » All the games have crashed » 2020-05-08 23:53:06

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Currently restarting from the latest saves.

#15 Re: Longturn.net services » longturn.net is now available over https » 2020-05-03 14:54:24

I see now, I don't like this theme so didn't even notice tongue

#16 Re: Longturn.net services » longturn.net is now available over https » 2020-05-01 20:57:18

Thank you for the report! I'll make sure to update the links.

Caedo wrote:

- the background image on the forum

All images are on https for me, which theme are you using?

#17 Re: Meanwhile... » Graphics for new units » 2020-05-01 20:28:44

You may be interested in https://freeciv.fandom.com/wiki/User:JT … aringhouse, there's already a missile sub and the container ship could be used for the barge (I think there's an amplio2 barge somewhere).

#19 Longturn.net services » longturn.net is now available over https » 2020-05-01 14:09:15

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The server was updated to provide secure connections over https. You can access the secure pages at https://longturn.net and https://forum.longturn.net. The old (insecure) pages will keep working for the time being.

#20 Re: New games » Shotturn games now available at longturn.net » 2020-05-01 14:04:52

It is now also possible to play 2.6 games on port 5098

#21 Re: LT51 » Reduced Early-Unit Speeds » 2020-05-01 14:02:25

I like it. It makes pikes and knights more valuable, now phalanx->pike and elephant->knight is closer to pike->musk and knight->dragoon.

#22 Re: New games » The site, games and forum will be down for upgrades » 2020-04-20 17:53:13

Under the hood, the Linux distribution was upgraded from Debian Jessie to Debian Buster. In addition to fixing security issues, this will allow the use of more recent software and eventually the development of new features.

#23 Re: other » responsive website and forum » 2020-04-20 11:37:28

Hello sokrat,

The website still uses old table-based HTML. We have some other things to do before updating the CSS, but I guess it's on the todo list...


#25 LT52 » The server was upgraded, LT52 is back up » 2020-04-20 01:29:56

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Current timeout about 68 hours.

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